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So you’ve recently read why you should cut your dog’s nails, how to do it properly, and how to teach your dog to enjoy having their nails trimmed – all from our super informative post: How To Cut Dogs’ Nails Without Pain Or Fear (if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to give it a look before you dive into this one so that you’re up to speed). Now you’re probably wondering what the best nail clippers are to get the job done properly. If that’s the case, you’re on the right page. Today we’re looking at the which manufacturers make the best dog nail clippers, and what makes them so great.


Types of dog nail clippers

As a quick refresher, there are three main tools to choose from when cutting your pooch’s claws:


best dog nail clippersThe guillotine

Guillotine-style nail cutters are usually made of stainless steel with a replaceable blade. The nail is placed through the centre hole, with the cutting blade facing you. Squeezing the handle causes the blade to move upwards, cutting the nail from the underside to the top.  Guillotine-style nail clippers are popular with small dog owners.


best dog nail clippersThe scissors

Also known as pliers-style, or Millers-Forge (due to the iconic pet product brand). These nail trimmers have more manoeuvrability than guillotine nail cutters since you aren’t restricted to only using them from one angle or orientation. Some include a safety bar to help prevent nicking the quick. Scissors-style nail clippers are generally preferable for all breeds and sizes, as they don’t crush the nail.


The grinder best dog nail clippers

Nail grinders file down the nail rather than cutting them. This is done by pressing the claw to a rapidly rotating strip of sandpaper that is attached to a power tool such as those made by Dremel. Nail grinders are becoming increasingly popular with pet owners, as they shorten the nail more gradually, decreasing your chance of unintentionally hitting live tissue.


The best dog nail clippers


Clipper typePrice ($-$$$)Rating (♥-♥♥♥♥♥)
Resco Original Professional Dog and Cat Clippers$♥♥♥½
Millers Forge Nail Clipper$♥♥♥♥♥
Dremel 7700 MultiPro$$♥♥♥♥½


The best dog nail guillotine

Resco Original

Resco invented the guillotine-style dog nail clipper in 1937, and are still considered one of the most reliable, durable pet brands around. The guillotine nail cutter is comfortable and long-lasting, made in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty.  You only need to replace the blades every so often (at a fraction of the price of buying a new pair of trimmers).

Resco also manufactures a deluxe version, which includes rubber grips and a powder coat finish.


The best dog nail scissors

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clipper

This is the nail clipper of choice for pet owners, groomers and veterinarians alike. Millers Forge has been creating top quality pet products for over 65 years, and their iconic orange-handle nail clipper is one of their best. The blades are ultra sharp for a quick, clean cut. They’re also silent when they snip, making it easier on your pet. The Millers Forge dog nail clippers are heavy duty, manufactured in Italy, and made to last. We’ve encountered pet owners who have had the same pair for over 15 years! This particular model is best for dogs over 40lbs. If you would prefer a medium sized nail clipper, take a look at this one instead.

The best dog nail grinder

Dremel 7700 MultiPro

While Dremel does make a cordless grinder specifically for pet nail care, in our research, owners were actually happier with how the 7700 performed on their dogs.  This product is easy to use, compact and lightweight. The Dremel 7700 has two speeds: 10 000 rpm and 20 000 rpm, and is powerful enough to get the job done quicklyIt is the #1 best selling rotary tool on and comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty. As an added bonus, with such a versatile machine you’ll be able to work on various DIY jobs around the house too!

Wondering what the Dremel looks like in use? Check out this video, and watch an adorable corgi get his nails done.

If you prefer the sound of a smaller, lighter, lower power Dremel, take a look at the 7300-PT – it’s their pet model.

Safety note

As they’re going at incredibly high speeds, take care when using any rotary tool. Accidents can happen in no time, and heat builds up very quickly. Only press the Dremel to the nail for a few seconds at a time at most. Repeat this process over the course of the nail session.  



When it comes to something as particular as grooming claws, you really do want to opt for the best dog nail clippers available. Generally, the better quality the tool, the more quickly and efficiently you finish those claws, meaning you have a happier pooch. The best dog nail clippers should last upwards of 10 years (sometimes more) and provide no discomfort to your best friend. Try one of these winners – you’ll thank yourself once you’ve experienced the difference.




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